Our freight solutions are custom made specifically for your needs and it will never be expected of you to simply fit the mould. Because we have a very close relationship with our network of freight representatives answers to your questions and enquiries does not "get lost in the system".

Our head office is situated in Centurion, Gauteng and we have agent offices in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, East London and Port Elizabeth that handles all the customs brokering for our client base locally. We also have freight representatives in China, India, the USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Sri-Lanka, Hong Kong, Mozambique, Namibia, Australia, New Zealand and South America among others, through whom we successfully forward and clear full and part load containers on a regular basis.

We serve clients in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Secunda, Pietermaritzburg, Knysna, Somerset West, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, China, Australia, among others and therefore render freight services on a truly national and international client basis. Some of the products we import and export includes, front end loaders, excavators, mining machinery, executive furniture, electronic equipment, aeroplanes, motor vehicles, caravans, motorcycles and quad bikes, coffee machines, foodstuffs, coffee, tea, jewellery, exercise equipment, larger fishing boats, coal, packing and sealing machines, seed, grinding and cast iron industrial equipment, catering equipment and tiles. We also pack and ship Household effects professionally.

AirFreight Imports & Exports


For importers and exporters today, there are many different modes of transport to be considered, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. While sea freight is the usual choice for heavy and large shipments, air freight services are the preferred method for shipments of low volume and high value, offering great advantages over ocean or road freight. Belfreight’s air freight experts are on hand to assist you through the process of transporting your shipment, from point of origin all the way to final destination.

When your shipments are time-sensitive or high-value, your main concern is usually that they arrive safely and on time. Global Maritime Company global air freight services will meet your time-in-transit needs every time, whether it’s an urgent delivery or a routine international shipment. Our air freight services give you unprecedented flexibility when it comes to speed and efficiency.

Throughout our years of freighting experience, we have developed strong partnerships with all major South African airlines, enabling us to dispatch your goods with speed and efficiency, and at the lowest possible rates. We also pride ourselves on providing our clients with some of the most flexible options for air freight South Africa has to offer – whether you require door to door or airport to airport.

SeaFreight Import & Exports


Despite the increasing popularity of air and road freight transportation in recent years, sea freight remains the most popular way to transport large and heavy shipments over long distances. Sea freight offers one of the most reliable and cost-effective methods of cargo movement available. In today’s competitive economy, the professionalism and efficiency of sea freight companies can mean the difference between success and failure for importers and exporters.

At Global Maritime Company we pride ourselves on finding the optimal solution to each client’s individual needs, from full container loads (FCL), less than container loads (LCL), special equipment, or project cargo. Driven by our reputation as one of South Africa’s most punctual and reliable sea freight companies, we operate in all the world’s major ports and maintain regular contact with our clients throughout the entire process.

Our specialised software allows us to optimise load sequences to ensure the most efficient use of container space, as well as the shortest possible transit times, to assist our clients in meeting their deadlines.

Warehousing & Distribution


Secure storage and efficient dispatch of your goods are essential aspects of your supply chain, and these too are pivotal in drawing that thin line between a satisfied client and a dissatisfied one. Slow, outdated or ineffective systems often translate not only into unnecessary delays and frustrations, but also higher costs, stock shortages and restricted cash flow for your business.

At Global Maritime Company, we take a holistic, strategic approach to warehousing and distribution needs, considering factors such as the nature of your products, the structure of your delivery network, and your shipments’ origin and final destination, in order to create personalized solutions which are smart, streamlined and effective. We operate on both a business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer fronts, Global Maritime Company’s years of experience have made us specialists in all warehousing and distribution services, these  include:

  • Inventory management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Distribution
  • Stock level optimisation
  • Service level agreements
  • Performance analysis
  • Cost analysis and enhancement

Our business philosophy is always to strive to understand the logistical needs of our client’s business. In this way we are able to provide our clients with service that enables them to focus on their core interests while minimizing costs, losses and delays to maximize efficiency and overall productivity.

Customs clearing & Brokering','customs-clearing-brokering','','

All goods entering or departing South Africa need to be cleared by customs – a drawn out and often stressful process that can result in costly delays or stiff penalties if not conducted according to the strict government guidelines.

In our years of experience, we at Global Maritime Company have become an expert authority on navigating the often complex and confusing world of customs clearance. Our comprehensive range of customs related services ensure that your business’ specific needs are met with efficiency and urgency every time. We combine our logistical and brokerage services to ensure that you are fully customs-compliant and that your goods are delivered on time, every time, without expensive delays or penalties. Our experienced and professional team will gladly take on all aspects of the customs clearing and brokerage process. Global Maritime Company prides itself on keeping up-to-date with current legislation in order to avoid any delays which may affect our clients’ bottom line, including the recent Customs Control Act (2014), Customs Duty Act (2014), and Customs and Excise Amendment Act (2014).

Supply Chain Management


Supply chain management is the management, coordination and oversight of information, materials, products and finances as they progress from supplier, to manufacturer, to wholesaler, retailer and end user.

In today’s volatile and competitive global business environment, a company’s supply chain needs to be more responsive than ever before – capable of speed and flexibility in order to maintain a competitive edge in an increas Company offers a wide seingly digital environment. Effective, efficient supply chain management provides businesses with a strong competitive advantage, by helping to achieve superior customer service as well as minimising costs. As an industry leader in all aspects of supply chain management and optimisation, Global Maritime Company\'s mission is to assist businesses with distribution-intensive needs to excel in their performance. Our experienced team approaches each client with a systems-view of the links in their business chain, ensuring that all aspects of the supply chain work seamlessly together to create value for our clients as well as the end user. We constantly strive to increase speed and efficiency, remove bottlenecks, and ensure that our operations are responsive to the needs of each of our clients.

Domestic & Cross-border Road Freight


Global Maritimelection of road-freight services, both local and cross-border. Decades of experience have made Global Maritime Company experts in the provision of both long and short distance road haul services, not only all over South Africa, but many areas in sub-Saharan Africa as well. Our long-standing partnerships with service providers all over Southern Africa will ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination in perfect condition, on time, and at the best possible price for your business.

In a region that is infamous for poor road infrastructure and bureaucratic red tape when it comes to the cross-border movement of goods, Global Maritime Company is able to provide you with peace of mind. Let us take care of your cargo every step of the way, from border-crossing, permits and documentation, to clearance, insurance and consultation services.

International Forwarding


A lot of time and efort goes into the arrangement of international shipping and transportation logistics - resources that are already in short supply for most business owners. That’s where a reliable freight forwarding partner like Global Maritime Company comes in handy. Whether your cargo is one container or a hundred, we are able to take care of your freight from door-to-door if that is what you require.

With decades of combined experience as well as a global network of air, ocean and road freight carriers, international freight forwarding is one of Global Maritime Company’s core services. We offer tailor-made international freight forwarding solutions to help support your business’ continual growth and expansion into markets both old and new. . We are perfectly positioned to assist you with trade disputes, quota problems, customs clearance and quarantine procedures, as well as being on-call to deal with all related paperwork and document preparation. . We pride ourselves on being an integral part of each of our clients’ supply chain, and constantly striving to achieve shorter transport lead times, more effective inventory management, and exceptional personalised service.

Indent Management & Order Tracking


When you cannot be physically present to ensure your shipments are being properly attended to, how can you be sure things are going according to plan? In a competitive and fast-paced industry, you can’t afford to let poor management cause unnecessary delays and expenses.

Thanks to our years of experience combined with the best industry software available, we are able to provide our clients with detailed reports and constant updates on the status and location of their shipments. Our indent management and order tracking systems make it easy for you to focus on your core business while Global Maritime Company keeps an eye on your cargo. We will ensure efficient and fast order processing, keep in regular contact with buyers and suppliers, and provide you with a complete and detailed history of your order from start to end.

Our advanced systems offer comprehensive monitoring of all of your orders, anywhere in the world.